Understand how your JVM works.

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An open-source guide that steps through how to use open-source tooling to inspect and troubleshoot the performance of your Java applications.

This workshop focuses on taking an example Java web service, which performs suboptimally, and explores its behavior with open source tooling. This workshop is intended to empower developers with essential skills of measuring how the an application in the JVM performs. While this can become an advanced topic for tuning application, this workshop focuses on simple approaches with free available tooling.

Basics with OS, processes, and threads

Start with basic knowledge of how to assess your Java application from the perspective of the operating system with processes, threads, and system calls.

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Java Mission Control

Learn how to leverage Java Mission Control with Flight Recorder to get insight into your running application.

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Memory Analysis

Learn how to explore the memory utilized in your Java application. This includes how to enable and explore the garbage collection logs.

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Learn how to run our services in a container environment. This includes how to enable our tooling to monitor our services and what sort of new considerations are introduced from the container environment.

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